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fantastic Thursday 3/21/2013


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It's been a crazy week but did get this one done. Sharon is making three like this. All string pieced. Used Affinty thread on top and bottom. 80/20 batting and the panto is Lavish by Hemione Agee.


Got another one on Frannie Ann that will take me forever to do!  All custom and KING SIZE!!!!! Yikes!!!!



011 by delld1964, on Flickr
014 by delld1964, on Flickr
This is the block I embroidered for her. It is a quote by Helen Keller
015 by delld1964, on Flickr
Thanks for looking. I want to see what you have been doing!


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Very pretty Dell..............I finished up a quilt for a lady this AM and got it off the frame for her to pick up when she returns from her winter in Arizona...........Then I decided I needed to clean and sort my quilting area, put away tools I had been using on other projects, etc.   Got that all organized and then decided I needed to give Millie a good cleaning and oiling.   Got that done, too, so now I am ready to roll again.   This afternoon I got several small baby panels ready to quilt up as donation quilts.   I have the backs, batting and tops all together and ready to load on the machine.   So, I had a good day.   


To top it off, we went out for supper tonight !    

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This is what I have been doing today.....not quilting, but sewing!  When I was a teenager, my mom made me a frog and I believe it was filled with rice.  I really loved that frog.  All of these years I have looked for that pattern or a frog like that, even asking my mother's sisters if they had the pattern.  One of them had it, but couldn't find it after all of these years.  I was driving through our little town and saw a yard sale sign and decided to stop by.  And this is where I finally, after all of these years, found a frog just like the one I had when I was a teenager!!  I bought it, took it home and took it apart.  It was filled with milo, not rice.  I bought a 50 lb bag of milo from our local farmer's co-op and just finished making 7 frogs for my grandkids for Easter.  I can hardly wait to see what each of their reactions will be! So, here is a picture of frogs on my deck!



IMG_4292 by DyanCT, on Flickr

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Dell, oh no, a custom king? I'd rather shoot myself. LOL Love the heart feathers. I'm hoping to practice feathers tomorrow in hearts and wreaths.


Dyan, OMG those frogs are cute with their little tongues sticking out! The grandkids are going to love them!


Joyce, you have a busy week ahead of you! I love what you did with the feather wreath. It's on my bucket list to learn how to do those nicely.


I pulled this quilt off the frame this evening. It was a rush job, and the piecer rushed it on her end, too. The quilt is personalized with horses, houses, trees, planes, outerspace, for her grandson. There were a few open seams and I had to glue several of the elements down just to get it quilted. We went with a panto called Swirl Meander from Linda's Electric Quilters. 


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Nice job everybody!  I haven't been getting much quilting in but got a little sewing done for my granddaughters, posted jumpers in another post.  I also made this basket for my newest Granddaughter.  I used to weave baskets a lot but it is a craft that went by the wayside until my son started his family.  When the 1st Easter rolled around he asked me if I could make a basket for Kailey like he used to have.  That was pretty special and who am I to deny.  LOL  


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