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How to thread the machine

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Ok.  I have had my machine for years and just got it back from a spa treatment.  I noticed that it was threaded differently than I had been threading it.  Well, in my brilliance, today I was stitching on a scrap after I oiled the bobbin and, wouldn't you know it, I forgot to tie on a new spool of thread. I have it threaded the way I used to thread it, but I really think that when I got it back that the thread was threaded differently somehow.  Does anyone have a picture of the thread path.  I have searched this forum and Google to see images of the path and cannot find any.  




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Up from cone thru the hook above thru one thread hole in next bar with 3 holes then thru the next bar with 3 holes you can do it 2 ways. Down thru first up thru second down thru third or down thru first come up around side down thru second come around side down thru third. Then around tension disks up thru spring down thru L thru hole on the whatcha call it then thru pigtail on side then thru the pigtail above the needle then thru the needle.

Going off memory. Hope I'm right.


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