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Help, needle doesn't stop


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I need help. When I hit the stop button the needle keeps cycling for another minute or two. It is a slow needle up and down. I have tried hitting the needle positioner to stop it as well and it just keeps going.  I have tried turning the #8 screw and it doesn't help. I am making circles, so lots of starts and stops. Any ideas out there? I have turned the machine off and left it off and came back to it after an hour. First  5 or so circles everything was fine and than started cycling again. I walked away before I took a hammer to it :angry:  I have an ULT 1.

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Lynne Marie

I assume you have a manual for your Ultimate 1. If not the screw you want to try adjusting is under the top cover. If you take the top cover off and lay it to the side you will see three cubes on the circuit board with tiny screws on the top. The one you want will be the one on the right when looking from the front of the machine. Warm the machine up first and then adjust the screw about a quarter turn. Try the single stitch and see if it cycles faster or slower. If it is faster turn the screw the other way and try it. You are trying to get the single stitch to be fairly quick without overshooting the stop.

Amy or Dawn will fix you up tomorrow if this doesn't work.


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Maybe some of these links will help.  Check all your connections.  Unplug and replug them.  Good luck




Technical Solutions department a call at 877-697-8458, Monday through Friday, 8-5 MDT

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