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My girl (Milliennieum) has been adopted. This is so hard!

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I just need a little support from people who will understand.  My darling 2006 Millie, Esther Pearl, has been adopted and gone to her new and wonderful home with Dawn.  I will be going over this afternoon to help set her up, but I just didn't think it was going to be this hard to let her go!


My new baby will be coming as soon as the check gets to Iowa, but I still feel like I've sold a family member!



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It's funny. When Dawn and her husband where here to get her I was close to tears.  Yet when I saw her in her new home, I knew that she was now Dawn's girl, and this was the perfect home for her.  When I go the empty studio now, I just see all the space for Pearly to use.  Better do some serious spring cleaning down there!


Thanks for the support.  My husband just doesn't get it.

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Beth,  you will always remember her just like you would a relative, or pet that just moved a long distance.


Remember the happy times, forget the bad or blame it on a bad thread, part, etc.. which is not hard to do

and love your new baby. 


Have a blast and remember. practice. practice, practice... isn't that what we tell new machine owners???



LOLOL, do enjoy it as much as you can!



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