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Wanted to buy or trade 12 foot table

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You could try calling Josh at the factory and see if he has a used set of rollers and rails in stock. I bought a used set off him last year and I think the cost was about a thousand dollars. We met him at MQS put the boxes in the RV and drove home. Also try Dave Jones http://www.deloasquiltshop.com/contactus.html he travels all over servicing APQS machines, he may know where there is one.


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I have a 10 foot table and would like a 12 foot for my 2006 Millie if anyone is selling their 12 foot or wants to trade due to space let me know.



Sandy, you can trade just your rollers, rails and tabletop.  The Millennium/Freedom/Liberty tables take the same components for the rollers, rails and tabletop.  Good luck with finding a trade!!

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Are you still in need of a trade?


I have been trying to do this for over 6 months (I have 12' rails and need to downsize) and finally decided to give up and try to sell my machine. 


I may have just sold my machine today and came online to look and see what I can buy and just saw this. But if she doesn't decide to buy it I am 100% positive i want to trade. I have a 2006 Millie as well. 


Currently I am located in Northern IL. and as of July 1st I will be in Charlotte, NC so I am sure we can figure out the shipping details from either location. 


Please let me know if you are still interested and I will let you know if she decides not to buy it.


Thank you ,




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