Whew...I got through my 1st trunk show and class teaching!

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It was just my local guild that I've been a member of since 2009, but I taught my first class on my pattern Kansas Comfort (to 15 members) and I gave a trunk show of my quilts (to about 50 members).  I thought I would be really nervous, but it actually went pretty smooth, especially when I was getting tongue tied in trying to remember a word   :huh:  and all I had to do was look at the guild president in the first row and she would be mouthing it to me.  haha  I have never felt comfortable in "public" speaking, but I have to say I'm glad I had this experience... and that it's now behind me!  :D

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Congratulations.  Now you need to do it again! It gets easier each time you get up in front of the "students". I love to teach and find it is very rewarding (I teach several piecing and demo classes at the LQS). I love to see the faces when someone finally "gets" it (the light bulb goes off) and it turns out to be an "a ha" moment.

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Congratulations! As Dawn told me after I taught my first class at a national show, "not everyone has the guts to get up there and teach others!" Forgetting words happens to me a lot and I was teacher for 22 years. I love it when my friends help me out because sometimes I can't say their names when I am introducing them! How embarrassing...we just have to laugh!

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