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Metro Sigma Thread Sale

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I just recently used this on a customer quilt.  It ran very well, was strong with no breakage.  It does not show quite as  well as Glide so if the showy thread look is important I would use Glide.  Overall it is a good thread and you can hardly beat the price.

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I just used Magnifico on a quilt and really liked it, too. I also tried some Superior Twist on a stonehenge quilt and loved the look.  Its also a strong thread with no breakage.   My favorite is still Glide, which to me gives a more even (or dense) look to the stitching. I guess what I mean is as it comes off the cone, it is more smooth in texture  than either Magnifico or Sigma.  Magnifico and Sigma are similar in appearance both on the cone and on the quilt.  For a thread with shine, any of the above are really nice.  To me, it just comes down to which one is the best color for the project since they all perform about the same.

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On 4/17/2013 at 6:34 PM, GrandmaLKB said:

I see Metro Sigma thread is on sale at a great price.   What is the verdict on this thread ?  How many have used it ?   Just curious..............

I just finished quilting a whole customer quilt on my Gammill w IQ and I LOVE IT!!!!  Very clean almost lint free stitching and not one thread break!!  Never had to redo my tension at all!!!!   I’m buying!!!

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