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Thread tip for dry winter areas.....

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Been meaning to post this for some time. Here in Alberta, we have very dry winters, compounded by furnace fans. Now add a store full of fabric that draws any remaining moisture.....

In previous winters, I have a had a lot of thread breakage. At Christmas my daughter was home and brought her guitar out of her closet. The 1st thing she did was open the humidifier in the case up and add water to it. When she did this a light bulb came on in my head....I needed a humidifier for my thread drawers!

So I got some baby food jars from a friend, cut some sponge and placed it inside the jar. I do not use the lid. Now I fill with water about once a week. If the jar tips over, the sponge keeps the water from running all over. Best part, IT REALLY HELPED reduce thread breakage!


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