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HST quilt

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Hi everybody...

Life in my world is crazy!

I have DD daughters wedding in June.


Anyway, her shower was this past Saturday.

It was a nice event and I think everyone had a good time.

She got lots of nice things and was very gracious.

I was very proud of her.

I had made this simple HST quilt out of scraps and brought it along.

I originally had an idea for signing it and giving it to Kelly as a momento.

But the swirls were not right for signing.

So, at the end of the shower, we asked Kelly to pull a name from a hat and gave it away.

The winner was a young girl who will be going to college in the fall

She has a crafty mom, so I know it will be loved.


image by quiltymeg, on Flickr

Thanks for looking.

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Kelly chose a cobalt blue for her bridesmaids.

The wedding is in Hopetown, Bahamas so she wanted blue, even tho her fave color is green.

She registered for a comforter set so I assumed she didn't want a wedding quilt.

After the shower, she asked me if I was putting green & blue in the wedding quilt to combine she & Jeff's favorites.

So, yes, Anne, I guess I am making a wedding quilt

And she probably wont get it til first anniversary!

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