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<SOLD>Moving Next Month - Must Sell 2006 Millenium

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Hello All-


I am located in northern Illinois, about 50 miles north of Chicago, and need to sell my 2006 Millie with 12 foot table. After owning this machine for almost 6 years I have finally accepted the fact that I enjoy piecing so much more than long arming and do not want to give up the space in my new house to devote to Millie.  She has brand new Edge Rider wheels and has been meticulously maintained despite her minimal use. 


Asking $9750 or $11,500 with many extras including Circle Lord, TOWA tension gauge, Hartley base extender, many acrylic templates, 12+ photographs with acrylic storage rack, many books, training DVD's, 75 cone spool rack rotating 360 degrees on locking casters, clamp light, many stencils, 3 king sized practice tops, one king and one queen sized whole cloth pre-printed quilt tops and much more. 


The machine is still set up if you would like to take a test drive.


If interested please call me at 815-814-6720


or email me directly at 


I would be happy to send pictures or answer any questions you may have.


Thank you!!!



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Hi.  Does your Millie have stitch regulator?  I am not familiar with the newer models.  I have a 1998 Ultimate 1, ten foot table, no stitch regulator.  I do quilting for my friends mostly, love it.  Would like something a little newer with stitch regulator.  I am located in NW Wisconsin, 50 miles South of Duluth/Superior.  Where are  you, exactly?  Thanks

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The Millennium is the top of the line! Stitch regulator, channel locks, bobbin thread cutter etc. I have a 2006 Millie and love her!


DIGITIZED Designs for Computerized Quilting

The POCKET GUIDES to Freehanding

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