how to get grease (from machine) out of quilt

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The grease cap (by bobbin) keeps falling off.  I now have a big spot of grease on the quilt I am doing for a wedding nest week.  I have tried everything I have in my home  to get it off.  Does someone have a special formula?  Need help soon.  Thanks, Janice

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Sorry for your greasy problem.

Lay the quilt flat and heap baking soda in the stain. Let sit for 30 minutes and vacuum it off. Reapply, let sit, vacuum off. Continue until as much is gone as possible. This will take clear oil out of fabric. 

But, since the grease is zinc-based you may need a oil-removal solution to get any left-over stain out. Try Carbona formula for oil/grease. It's available in the laundry aisle and some fabric stores, like Joanns. You pat it into the spot, with a piece of towel behind it to take up the grease. This application will require washing out, so be forewarned that you might want to do the stain removal after you get the quilt finished and bound. Isolate the grease stain so it won't transfer to another part of the quilt--maybe pin multiple layers of muslin over the stain so it doesn't touch the rest of the fabric.

If your efforts don't give you the result you need, can you either applique a piece over the stain or remove the offending part and piece in fresh fabric?

Good luck!

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Try using some shampoo.. make sure it is clear, not milky.


This even takes color crayon out of Military Uniforms After It is Washed and Dried!!


Apply, let it soak in for a few min, gently rub, if not coming out, let set, use same shampoo

to rub together, with a bit more vigor.

If it starts to come out, blot shampoo lightly with a paper towel and

start over with a spot of fresh shampoo...


Shouldn 't take more than 3 or 4 rubbings.  "tis true,

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My grease cap used to fall off too, but I never had any get on a quilt (that I know of, anyway).  You can get the gel super glue to fix it.  It comes a couple of those realy tiny tubes in a package.  Clean the cap and around where it goes with a papertowel and a little alcohol.  Then apply a little glue where the edge of the cap snaps down and replace the cap.  Now you won't have to worry about it anymore!

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I told dh--before I put another thing on the machine I am going to glue that cap on!!  That was while I was doing this quilt but before I saw the grease on it.  It is a pretty big streak of grease.  Fortunately, it is on the  print part (blue & white) and not on the embroidered area. How lucky can I be!!

I have no idea how I got into the grease. It's not like I didn't know it was there. 

Thanks for all of your help.  Janice

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Just FYI:  I have use GoJo (mechanic's waterless hand cleaner) on my own clothes that have had grease stains on them, even after the stain has gone through the washer and drier.  When I notice the stain I rub (slather) on some GOJO and toss the piece in the laundry. When I get around to washing it, it is already prepped for washing and runs through the regular cycle.  I don't rub or work at it.  When it comes out of the drier the stain is gone.  I have never had it hurt the colors and it has been used on lights, darks and fun colors, white to purple.

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