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I am with you.  I never did pantographs before I got my Quilt Path.  I jumped right in and did my first customer quilt after having it installed for a week.  I have took the 50th quilt done by my Quilt Path off my frame.  I love it!  I have decided to only do a couple custom quilt a month and do most of customer quilts on Quilt Path.   When I decided to buy it I really thought I would just use it for the occasional pantograph quilt.  Since I am known for freehand and we have quite a few computerized longarmers I did not think I would really be using it as much as I am.  I love it!  I can't believe how many quilts I have done on it since it arriving in mid May!   Now if I could just get myself to load the custom quilts that need to get done on the frame...  

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Yes, you can print them out. Then I pin it on a muslin sandwich. With the clamps hooked to the belts and machine off I pretend to quilt it a couple times. I do this because you need to get the feel of the resistance. I get my machine ready to stitch, set quilt path to record and sew the design. I have only done it once so far and feel I need more practice, but you can do it. You can download free patterns from the websites selling digitized patterns.

I haven't had the time to play much with that feature. Probably after the holidays.


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I have been so busy quilting for others lately and using Quilt Path a lot for Edge to Edge quilting.  I reduced my prices for a couple of weeks to increase business and possibly get new customers and it worked.  I then restructured my prices and as of Dec. 1st have a much better pricing.  Most of my pictures are on Facebook (Karen Lynn Wheeler)

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I have already started to collect freebies where I see them !


first question, is it possible to reduce a e2e in size ? I designed a pantograph and it is on sale in one of the shops, so I got the

digitized version already. I used my own original drawn copy to downsize the pattern by more than half and quilted table mats with it !

can I do that with QP as well ?


thanks Lisa

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Yes. The Design Pattern allows you to import the file or draw it from scratch or use an existing file and you select it and there is a Size button so you can resize it there and save it. Also if you want a quicker way is to. Open it as a Design pantograph and go into Basic mode not default Easy. Set size of quilt and number of rows or height or each row. Add your panto pattern and set the repeats. Get the ends to nest and then play with the size of it in that mode. There is another way too and it involves setting up a quilt and it allows a lot of chances to save and reuse the same template with different patterns.

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I guess this questiona could be for anyone using a computerized quilting machine..


When you resize, or in any way alter a pattern and save it, how do you determine the name?


Do you use the original and designer, with an alternate name?  Such as:


Soupydrops by helen caster, alternate for Sharon's feathered leaves?    Or


Sharon's feathered leaves?  


It seems every time I save one on my unit, I think a different way is best.

I'm really confusing myself.


Happy stitching, and God Bless,



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