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I roomed with a very nice lady from the Netherlands. She spoke English very well. We had a blast comparing American and the Netherlands customs, lifestyles, food, and quilting! She took pictures of our huge American meals. I kept telling her that was why Americans are fat!

I met several gals from the forum and had nice visits. My small auction wall hanging sold for $225! We sometimes don't get that much for a queen size quilt at church!

This afternoon there was a tornado very near the airport in Wichita. I sent my roommate an e-mail that she had just missed another American phenomenon and dangerous too! I am glad the weather held off until today. Can you imagine tearing down a quilt show in that weather?!

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Teaching was very stressful. I do teach classes to my guilds and taught Special Education for 22 years. I thought I had prepared enough. I was very nervous. Teaching on a different machine than yours was hard because the buttons are in the wrong place. Then I found out that I am allergic to Kansas (a doctor told me so)!!! I got an immediate sinus infection and had a hoarse voice and runny nose during my classes. I had to find a doctor and a pharmacy in a strange city.

Dawn C helped me out and encouraged me when everything was going wrong. Breaking thread, being toung tied, brain not producing the correct terms fast enough. Then to top it off I cut myself and bled all over my sample and had to stop and blow my nose! I don't think I will try to teach at a national show again. I would just rather be a student.

I enjoyed the shaping, meeting form members, quilts and all the other stuff!

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