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Is anybody up for a swap?

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Is anybody interested in doing another block swap?  I'm not sure what would be best, Christmas in July, Summer themed blocks, old favorites made new, embroidered blocks?


Let me know what you all think. I don't have any problem with receiving and distributing the blocks, as in the past.  If we start planning now and have our blocks in the mail by July 4th that gives us plenty of time.


All of the previous block swap quilts have come out so beautiful.

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Janice, yes. We have had Canada members, Australia members, UK members participating before. That makes the quilt even more special.


What if we did a summer themed quilt?  Some could do cottages (houses), some could do sailboats, I might do a crab or flip-flop.  I think it would be a great beach throw or picnic cloth.


Everybody who is interested send me your name and address by email or private message.  I will compile a list of how many are interested and we can then figure out which block each will make.


I love your enthusiasm.

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Well, it looks like we have plenty of interest. Here's what you need to do.

1. Make sure I have your correct first and last name and mailing address.

2. send me an email to let me know what type of block you are making

so far- Kristina is making sailboats, I'm making flip-flops, and Corey is going to do houses

I think if we can keep it kind of summery, beachy that would be something we don't all already have.

Here are some more ideas ( I hope some of you can paper piece) for piecing or for including fabric that has these things

sailboats- Kristina

flip flopsTeresa

houses Corey

pinwheels- Raechel

birdhouse/sunhat- Laura

fish- Cheri

beach ball- Vickie

beach umbrella- Janice

Sunbonnet Sue in bikini- Bonnie H

Beach pails- Lynn

Lemons/Tea with lemon- Cathy

kite- Colette

surfboards- Nevaeh

butterfly- Bekah

lighthouse- Heidi P

????- Oma

????- Annette

Please add on any things that you can think of.

Would you rather do 10 and 1/2 inch or 12 1/2 inch blocks. Should we agree that any background fabric should be solid white (not muslin).

Keep me posted with your great ideas. This one will be fun!!!

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I want to play.  Can we pick anything off the list in your last post?  How many blocks are we to make?  I like 12 1/2" blocks.  Was it decided that they need to be made out of bright fabrics?  And white not beige or cream?


I was going to PM this to you, but then I thought others may have the same questions.

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Gee, you all are excited. That's great.  How many we make depends on how many total people sign up.  Let's give until the end of May to sign up, then figure out how many total people there are. 


12 1/2" with white background and bright, cheery, summery colors. Your choice of piecing or applique, or a combination. 


Please be sure your piecing is accurate enough that you end up with blocks at least 12 1/2 inches. If they end up being 12 and 7/16 that's fine, but 12 and 1/4 will be too small. 



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I am wondering if the background fabric shouldn't be more of a sky/cloud/water print...or combination thereof?? thoughts? 



I would love to have fun in this swap, but I unable to do one at this time :(.  JoAnn's has the most awesome water print cotton fabric in stock right now.  My daughter bought a length to pool around the floor for part of a photo prop, and it is really neat.  It looks like the water surface with sun shining on the peaks of small waves. The color is a true tropical blue - matched the water of the caribbean to a t! It would look really neat in a summer fun themed quilt.

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Even tho I'm not participating, I'll stick my nose in here.

Because I'm nosy today.

I suggest you chose a Robert Kaufman Kona color (or some easily obtained fabric) and use the same background, or some of this in each block.

Ties things together.

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I'm open for lots of suggestions.  What about instead of a particular fabric we just agreed that everybody would include a caribbean water blue piece in their block somewhere?  I have a couple yards here that is really pretty. I can just cut it into 4x4 squares and send everybody a little piece.  Does that work for everybody? 

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