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Claire, I am sorry to be so long in posting here. Please don't worry about my block until late this year or even until January. I am booked out with customers until November and am taking December to work on my own projects and can't imagine that this quilt will make it into that pile.  Just take very good care of yourself and rest and recover and get well.  If you need anything let me know and I will help in any way possible.


This quilt is going to be so special when we start putting it together ladies.  Just like life it will be full of memories, trials of some, a little out of size maybe and most of all full of love and joy.  It is going to be even more special to see it put together.

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All finished and ready to mail! 22 blocks...12 1/2 inches.....all signed except 1......I named the fish Elsie!

Here is a picture of Nevaeh's top after all the sashings have been attached. We still have to do pink and teal outer borders.   The better picture is the photo of her after she had arranged her bloc

PIcture of what I have so far.   Maybe this will help give you ideas for what you can do with the blocks

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Claire, don't worry about my block until January or February of next year. (I'll email you my address later.) Tonight I just was going through my to-do list and it's much longer than I thought. LOL    Please take care and get better soon.


The one project I'm putting a rush on is an almost finished flimsy so that I can rent time on the LA again and quilt my third pantograph.  :P

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I feel like a kid in a candy shop. My blocks arrived about five minutes ago. I've looked through all of them and they are all beautiful. I can't wait to have the time to get moving on this quilt. Maybe I'll allot 15 minutes a day to work on this quilt--that way, I'll be having fun along with doing business quilts. Thanks again for all you've done.


Clair, do not be in any hurry to send out my block. I doubt I'll really allot 15 minutes a day. It's just wishful thinking.

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My blocks are here too!! Oh my goodness you have all done such a wonderful, marvelous job. I can hardly wait to put it together but I already know it will be awhile.  We sure have some talented people on this forum.


Teresa, you and your darling husband are the best. Thank you so much for doing this and for your patience with everything.  

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