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All finished and ready to mail! 22 blocks...12 1/2 inches.....all signed except 1......I named the fish Elsie!

Here is a picture of Nevaeh's top after all the sashings have been attached. We still have to do pink and teal outer borders.   The better picture is the photo of her after she had arranged her bloc

PIcture of what I have so far.   Maybe this will help give you ideas for what you can do with the blocks

Posted Images

My blocks arrived today and they are all so nice.  Putting them together will be fun.  Thanks Teresa for all you did to bring this to fruition and a really big thanks to everyone who participated and made such beautiful blocks.   A special thanks to everyone for leaving mine unsigned and for attaching your information. 


Nevaeh's top is so cute.  You may have gotten her addicted to swaps now.  :)

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An explanation about Nevaeh's arrangement


She arranged her blocks using very concrete reasoning, as most 8 year olds would.  She put the things that are highest at the top, the things that are near the ground in the middle, and the things to do with water on the bottom.  She is putting the hatstand and butterfly on the back because those are for spring and it comes before summer.  When I asked her where the popsicles block should go she said the top. I'm not sure why..... maybe because she gets a brain freeze when she eats one. 


I just wanted to let you all know that each of your blocks was equally important to her, she just had to do it her way.

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I wanted to let everyone know that I got my blocks and they are lovely.  Just like everyone else, I will be trying to figure out a nice way to put them all together. 

I was wondering who made the beach ball as it was not signed and I wanted to put their name on it.

These swaps are so fun and certainly makes for a great quilt.  I wouldn't mind doing a 'winter themed' one with snowmen and such. :P

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Nevaeh's quilt is done (well, except for hand stitching the binding down on the back).  She quilted it herself on the Lenni.  She was going to use the Cosmos design board, then decided she wanted to try freehand meander.  She invented her own pattern called Nevaeh's whatever. It is a combination of lines, meanders, swirls, and swoops.  It looks like scribble to me and she crossed her lines several times, but it is her quilt and that's how she wanted it.


Here is a picture from FLickr


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This is Nevaeh all of your blocks are nice,bright and pretty. I like bright colors.I had 2 that didn't fit on the quilt so I will make a pillow out of them.I did the Nevaeh Watever pattern it was just looping and going up and down and side to side.It's easy. :D

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