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I prefer solid white, but that's my own opinion. We can do whatever the majority decides, so everybody chime in here.


Your blocks can all be different colors. I will post a picture of the surfboard blocks so far. 


The flip flops I am making will all be different.  They will each have that blue color in them someplace.


The blue color doesn't have to be that fabric, it can be your thread or just have that color present in other fabrics.

I tried to draw arrows showing how she used that color in her blocks. (Sorry, I'm not good with Paint)

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All finished and ready to mail! 22 blocks...12 1/2 inches.....all signed except 1......I named the fish Elsie!

Here is a picture of Nevaeh's top after all the sashings have been attached. We still have to do pink and teal outer borders.   The better picture is the photo of her after she had arranged her bloc

PIcture of what I have so far.   Maybe this will help give you ideas for what you can do with the blocks

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I would really like to use white on white since that is what I have on hand.  Other wise I would have to purchase and I would like to use from my stash instead.

What does everyone think?  White on White and/or solid White??? :huh:

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I'm good with using both white on white and solid white.

No need to go buy yardage if you already have a white.

Having both would add a nice dimension to the quilt, I think!

And if we aren't all using the same brand white, the whites are

going to be a little different, too.

So that's my vote  :)

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I prefer white on white since I just bought some today also, but I have the other if everyone chooses that.  I'm doing a machine embroidered design which I will surprise you all with.  If I'm seeing correctly everyone is writing their information on the white part and not in the seam allowances.

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Claire, please do popsicles. That would be fun.


White on white is fine with me, if you all don't care.  I had to buy solid white for something else so I just went ahead and bought four yards while I was there. 


Oma, great to have you participating. Can't wait to see your surprise.

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I'm trying to count (haha, and I'm not so good at that!). Are we up to 22 people? I'm curious as I may have to hunt one of my major fabrics down online and more stabilizer. I think I have enough but it is getting close!


I cut out 180 pieces for my Sunbonnet Sue blocks this weekend ... just waiting to see what our teal blue looks like to incorporate it. How exciting that there has been so much response to this exchange! Looks like we will have lots of blocks  :)


Teresa, I'm going to msg you my email addy. I think I forgot to when I sent my addy.

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We are up to 22 people. That's exciting. I think we will have to cut this off today because you all need to purchase fabrics and I need to get packages mailed. I'm sorry if anybody else wanted to join, but we have to get started on this.


I still need addresses for Barb, Kristina, Cathy, Corey, and Janice.


We can do this one of two ways.

A- everybody can make 22 blocks and you will get back one of each of the blocks made


B- everybody can make 16 blocks and you will get 16 blocks back, but not necessarily all of the block designs


Which would you prefer?

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Is there a way to get closer to 20 blocks?  I prefer rectangular quilts over square ones so I guess I prefer to have 22 blocks over 16.  I just threw 20 in there because it would make 4 blocks across and 5 down and with borders that would make a nice size quilt.  But if we have 22 people then we will have 22 blocks and we could use two on the back or for pillows. 

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