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Is anybody up for a swap?

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Let's plan on everybody making 20 then.  You won't get one of each of the

22 designs, but you will have 20 different blocks. If you don't want your own design back put a note in your package along with your return postage money. 


I am mailing out packages tomorrow to:







Laura Rosenwald


Lynn Marie



Bonnie H




These will be mailed after I buy more envelopes: Tami, Claire, Linda Rhoades, Janice


I will buy more envelopes tomorrow and get the rest sent out.  If I still don't have your address you will need to send it to me: Barb, Kristina, Cathy, Corey,

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Here is the list of who is participating.  If you have decided to opt out please let me know so I can remove your name.


Bonnie H- sunbonnet sue (mailed)

Bekah- butterfly (mailed)

Heidi- lighthouse (mailed)

Laura Rosenwald- birdhouse (mailed)

Cheri- fish (mailed)

Oma -mystery (mailed)

Tami- log cabin

Kristina- sailboat

Cathy- lemonade or tea

Lynn Marie- pails (mailed)

Raechel- pinwheel (mailed)

Corey- tiki hut

Vickie- beachball (mailed)

Janice- umbrella

Colette- kite (mailed)

Annette- ice cream cone (mailed)

Claire- popsicle (mailed)

Fran- sea shell (mailed)

Linda Rhoades- turtle

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I'm ok with making 22. That way if for some reason a person or two has a problem we will still have 20 blocks. We all know that sometimes life happens and interferes with our best intentions. If we end up with 22 the extras would be big enough for a pillow.


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Sorry, sat for 7 hours in writing workshop training at the university yesterday and today. 6 more days to go. My brain is a little fried.


I understand now, rectangular quilts.  DUH!  I'm a moron.


I don't have a problem with 22 either. Already have half cut out.  Some of you should be receiving packages in the next day or two. The rest will get theirs next week sometime, probably.   I hope the blue I included is enough for you to use. When we jumped from 10 or 12 people to 22 people I had to cut the pieces a bit smaller. Don't forget that you can use anything else with that same blue, also.


Kristina, i got your email.  Thanks.

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Sent you a message with address - sorry to be so late, haven't been on for a couple days!!!


Yes to all the things you've suggested, to clarify:

12 1/2 by 12 1/2 block

white or white on white background

use the blue fabric (or color) in the blocks

make 20 (or is it 22)

bright colors

beach theme (I picked lemonade or iced tea)

and is it July 15th???

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I received my package of fabric today (Thursday, June 6). I'm confused about using the blue fabric in each block, however. Must it be the exact same blue fabric (if you've covered this and I've missed it, please forgive me)? If so, where did you get the fabric and what information was included on the selvage (it will help in getting the same exact thing). Do you want all of the ice cream cones to be the same (ice cream color and cone fabric)?

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