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I am loving all the sample blocks I'm seeing so far. This is going to be such a fun quilt. 


Raechel (and everybody else)  put your blocks and an extra return postage envelope in your envelope and have the whole thing weighed. Then add that much for return postage. That will get it pretty close and I will put in an extra few cents if I need to. 

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All finished and ready to mail! 22 blocks...12 1/2 inches.....all signed except 1......I named the fish Elsie!

Here is a picture of Nevaeh's top after all the sashings have been attached. We still have to do pink and teal outer borders.   The better picture is the photo of her after she had arranged her bloc

PIcture of what I have so far.   Maybe this will help give you ideas for what you can do with the blocks

Posted Images

I have also been working on my blocks..... I have 9 done so far. As I have not received the fabric package from Teresa (and might not, for several more days because of customs etc) I decided to proceed using all of the blue and turquoise and bright greens from my stash. Each block is different from the next.

My husband came into my sewing room just now wanting me to help out with something (why does he never need help when I am doing housework


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Thanks to all. I had the horrible feeling that maybe I was seeing umbrellas that weren't obvious to everyone else. To be fair, he was in the middle of cutting hay, and the weather isn't cooperating so maybe - just maybe - I didn't have his absolute undivided attention when I said 'can't you see what they are?'. Now I can carry on with the rest of them.

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All of the fabric packages have been mailed out as of Monday. Everybody should have their package soon, if you haven't gotten it already.


Send your completed blocks to

Teresa Taylor

PO Box 625

FInley, TN 38030


Include a return envelope with  return postage equal to what it costs you to send your package to me

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Cathy, I wanna see!! but this link comes up with this msg:

This content is currently unavailable
The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.
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The lemonade stand is so cute!!!    All the block are turning out great!


I received my packet of fabric in the mail.  Thank you, Teresa!!


I have most of my sea turtles finished.    

I think I have finally figured out how to attach a picture.  We will

see if it works!!      :D


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I am loving all these blocks. So cute.

Remember you have until July 31st to finish.  If you do finish early you can go ahead and send them. I have a big rubbermaid tote I will put them all in until time to sort them. 


Keep those pictures coming. It makes my day to see each one and smile.

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