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Fantastic Thursday 5/24/2013


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Well I learn how to post picture from Flickr and today it is all changed! just my LUCK!!!!  :(


So I've been busy this week. First is a quilt designed by Laurie Male of Lollipops Designer Bindings and Lollipops Quilt Shop! The turlres is a kit by Laurie and put together by my SIL Debbie. DId a quick Wheat Grass panto by Patricia Ritter. It has a green minki on the back.





This is a quilt Cynthia did for her 80 year old aunt that just got married.  Cynthia brought it back to show me her finished scalloped edge!  Used Dusty Miller panto by Patricia Ritter





This is a cute panel made by Boots(80+) for her great grand son. Used Patricia RItter's Lit Feet Panto.




Busy week quilting and I now have water in the house. Yes we are remodeling too! Floor will start next week he talls me! Keep your fingers crossed for me! :wacko:



Hope you are having a great day and please share your photos with us! Love that eye candy!!! :wub:

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Ditto what Claire said, Dell! That little feet panto is cute! Was it easy to hand guide?


I can't believe it's Thursday already. I started babysitting my little 4-month-old grandson on Monday-Tuesday, overnight, and I'm flat worn out from lack of sleep from just one night! My 48th birthday was Tuesday but I feel MUCH older when playing the grandma babysitter! My folks came down from Oregon to visit and brought both of my grandmothers, 92 and 88. Both are in such good health and lively as can be. I feel so lucky to still have them in my life. Both of my grandfathers died when I was one, and as my dad was holding Roran (my grandson), that awful thought went through my head that I won't always have my grandmothers and parents around, which saddened me to think that!


On a happier note, one of my grandmas has offered me her sewing machine that my grandfather bought her the year they were married, in 1946, a Singer in a nice cabinet with a stool. Knowing my grandma, it is in great condition. My grandma always talks of my grandfather and what an amazing man he was, so to have her give me the machine he gave to her, I'm excited beyond words to have such a treasured gift.


I did complete a quilt this last week. There's more pictures on my blog. It's another Wild Flower quilt, quilted just like the first one I did a couple of months ago.




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I took my grandson for stitches but they used glue. You would ave thought they were using a needle. His response when done " oh is that it." Leave it to a 4 year old. His mother had a panic attack and all I could think was really.

Got new puppies nails trimmed and hair trimmed around her eyes. Still no name yet. She is starting to get over the trauma and I think she is going to be a handful. Need to quilt 5 customer quilts. A puppy was not on my list this week. I forgot how much like having a newborn they are.


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Dell, the turtle quilt is adorable.  I love the earth tones in the middle one and your quilting makes it swirl.  The tiny feet on the bear quilt are just TOO cute.


Bonnie, can I have it?  It's beautiful.


I started piecing my scrap quilt, but I'm also trying to rearrange furniture and clean house before three grandkids come to stay for a week. YIKES!!


Oh, and tomorrow is my last day at work until I start classes on June 3rd.  YAY.  Then I won't have a break until June 17th, and go back to work last Monday in July. BOO!

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Love those pantos too Dell, especially the little feet!  Very cute!  


Shirley, my grandson also fell and cut his cheek open tonight, my daughter who is a nurse decided to glue his laceration closed too with liquid bandaid but he is only 2 1/2 and I feel so bad for his "owie"


 But on a good note, I did finish a quilt today that I have had on my frame for 3 weeks now because life kept me busy but it is finished now and I'll post a picture after my customer picks it up.

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I have been working on my Delicate Delft quilt this week. I have a few more blocks to go. I am going to have to get some templates or something because I am using stippling, swirls, flames, and other small patterns on my blocks, and it takes a lot of time to do the quilting on my George. I need looser designs, or I need to practice making my designs larger. I hope to have a picture to show some time today.

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