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It's nearly Vermont Quilt Festival time again.  Anyone planning to come?  DeLoa Jones is teaching the longarm classes this year and there will be a mix of machines in the classroom including, of course, APQS.  Not sure how much space is left in her classes but you can check on the VQF website    Dawn Cavanaugh is coming too to oversee the APQS booth.  How lucky are we?


Since DeLoa is coming I understand that Dave Jones will also be available to service machines in the northern New England/New York region (and maybe on the way to/from?).  Just contact him if you want to arrange a service while he is in the area. Don't forget he also has those great lights - I couldn't manage without mine. He can bring and set those up too!  Contact details are on DeLoa's website.



Let me know if you are planning to come - I'd love to catch up with other Forum members.

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I am going again. I will be staying in the townhouses on the St. Michael's College. The preview on Thursday evening is a champagne and chocolate event. I am taking a class with DeLoa and thinking about adding the Sunday morning class too.

Heidi and I are going to get Dave to stop and service our machines. 

I am looking forward to Vermont. See you in June, Anne.

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Meg - it would be great to see you again and to show you VQF


Mandy - don't know what age your children are but there are great kid-friendly things in the area - VT Teddy Bear Factory, Ben & Jerry's, Shelburne Museum and Shelburne Farm.  Maybe you could trade time!


Suzan - when are you coming over this time?  I'm living in Essex now!


Charlotte - I'll be looking out for you. Isn't it great we got DeLoa here to teach?


LibralLiberty - You will love this location - flat and air conditioned!  Mind you, I used to use those long stairways up and down the hills as my annual workout  and miss them (Not). Ha ha ha! :lol:

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Annie, I am arriving the 11th, Dad's burial is the 17th, then I am free for a few days, have to empty out most of the condo, then the 29th I leave for a little vacation to relax after, then return the 6th to return to france on the 8th of July.  I will have a phone at the condo, will send you a message once I have the number. OK

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