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This is what Marilyn wrote on face book:


My Hero; the love of my life; my biggest fan slipped away Monday evening while I was holding his hand and reading the log he wrote of our honeymoon 35 years ago. I know he could hear me because he waited to go until I had finished reading to him, told him how much I will always love him and what a hero he was to his daughter and me. He helped make longarm quilting what it is today with all the invaluable accessories he manufactured beginning in 1995 when longarm quilting was frowned upon by most of the quilting world. Without his accessories I absolutely would not be able to do the quilting I do today. He served in the submarines during World War II and Korea, was an engineer for 34 years, skippered a yacht for 6 years and was a building contractor for 8 years before starting our longarm manufacturing business in 1996. He was truly of that Greatest Generation. With all of that, he made me laugh every day we were together. I really got lucky!


I'm so sorry for her lost and she and her family are in my prayers!

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Marilyn.  I am so sorry for your loss. 
I needed a part for my Hartley Fence so I called.  He told me what I needed and would send it right away.  I said, "How much is it?  I will send you a check."  He told me he would just include an invoice in  the shipment and I could send the check after I received the part.  I was surprised.  No one does that these days.  It was a pleasure to talk with him.  He gave me some good advice.  It is great  you could share your life with such a nice man.   

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