Latest Customer Quilt - With Feathers of Course! :)

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Bonnie you always have such sweet comments!  Thank you!!!  YOU are so very talented and gifted!!  


I am so happy to say the customer is pleased so far by the photographs - hopefully she loves it as much in person!  :)


Thank you all!!  I wish I could just scoop up all you board members and hug you all!  LOL*  :)

Valerie Smith

Pumpkin Patch Quilter



Pantograph Co-Designer for Urban Elementz



**As of March 2015 I will be Quilting on a 2000 APQS Certified Used Millennium!**

Quilting from January 2013 to February 2015 on a non-stitch regulated 1999 Ultimate 1

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I am just getting around to catching up a little with picture posts, you truly "made the quilt" on this one, I would still be scratching my head over those borders upon borders!

Shar Schmutz


Blissed Millennium Owner

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Valerie! You did such a great job on this quilt- I predict a ton of requests once this beauty is hung at the fair and won a prize!!

You do not need to worry about your feathers anymore, and you handled those 3-D elements so well, they would have stumped me for sure. You have come so far in 5 short months!

Cathy Hamilton - M&M'ed 2008 Millennium - Part-time Quilter, Full-time Lover of Quilts

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