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circle lord on front of Lenni


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I got an email from Michael and he asked me to measure the distance between my front and back rollers on my Lenni table, which still isn't set up.  Does anybody have those measurements handy? It is the black all metal table with 4 rollers. my wooden table only had 3 rollers and is wider. 


Also, does anybody have a photo showing the CL set up on the front of the Lenni. I looked at the CL website, but I need a bunch of pictures and visuals to get things figured out in my mind.  Do I use the same CL stylus arm and stylus I already have, or will I need to order a new one of those also?  The one I have has two bolts through the short arm that holds the stylus. I didn't see anywhere on Lenni for that to bolt on from the front, or the back.

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