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I am selling my 2010 Millie.  It has quilted probably between 20-25 quilts.  The millie I have has 14' rails, quilt glide, base expander for thread cutter, horizontal dual spool holder, hartley vertical cone holder and a power advance with c motor and foot control.  I am asking $14,000.  I have leaders have zippers.  I have a couple sets of extra zippers.   I am not asking more for any of the extras you see above.  I will also throw in a groovy board and stylus for this.  I also have extra bobbins that I will send with this machine.  The machine has been kept in immaculate condition and has been greased cleaned after every use.  I also have a bobbin winder that is in on the deal.  If anyone is interested we can deliver it for a charge in the northeastern part of the country.  My husband has a large box truck that therails and table can go in assembled and we would just have to take off the sewing machine part.  So minimal assemble would be needed when you get it.  I would have to charge for the gas etc.  depending on where you live.  I live in Waymart PA which is in northeastern PA. Let me know if anyone is interested. I am willing to listen to all offers. 

Denise Johnson


26" throat, 14" table 
Motorized Power Fabric Advance

Quilt Glide
Horizontal and Vertical Channel Locks

Bobbin Thread Cutter

APQS Stitch RegulatorHartley Base Expander for Thread Cutter 12 x 15

APQS M&M Wheels - Carriage and Head Sets

Zippered Sets: 144" Machine Set and 144" Quilt Set

Stand Alone APQS Turbo Bobbin Winder

Needle Up, Needle Down

Extra bobbins - approximately 10

Assembly Manual, APQS paperwork


Quilters Rule Micro Maneuver Tool

Original Box for Machine Head

Groovey board and stylus

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Hi everyone, I am willing to reduce the price of my Millie to $13,500.  It is like new, only quilted approx. 24 quilts.  Please e-mail me if interested.  I am willing to listen to any offers and will transport machine to new location.




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