clamp pad on 2012 lucey frame not sticking and take up roller stuck

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I went to take a quilt off my frame and was unable to unroll the take-up roller....The pad on the clamp had slid leaving a fold in the pad and adhesive residue on the would not unroll.  The clamp was removed...the adhesive residue was cleared off the take-up roller and I repositioned the pad on the clamp and re-attached the clamp...but...I am sure this is going to happen again...I did email APQS with the problem...but while I am waiting...does anyone have a solution to this problem?  Thanks....Lin

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That's happened to me several times.  I just take the clamp off, pull off the pad, wash off the residue with Goo Gone, buy new velcro and restick it on.  I then tell myself that I will be very careful to see that it doesn't happen again, but of course, it does.  Then I do it all over again.

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Thanks....but...I don't have a wooden clamp...I have a newer 2012 metal frame....and my clamps are metal....crunch....I think I would need a blow torch  or welder or something  :)  I have been thinking of all sorts of things...including using a sock with those antislip dots on them...ummm...maybe if on both sides?  I'll have to keep thinking or waiting for another suggestions....Lin

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