I can't upload any more photos. Help?

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The other day I tried uploading two photos and gave up. Apparently one uploaded and I didn't realize it did as I was getting file too big message.


Today, I tried uploading a photo and come up again with file too big message. I upload my photos by opening them in paint and skewing them down to 25 x 25, which has worked just fine in the past.


So I deleted a photo from an older post so I could upload a new photo.


Am I out of room for uploading? Or is there a trick I'm missing?

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Oh yes, about the quilt. It was a customer's. She needed it quilted pretty quickly as it was for her granddaughter's graduation less than a week away and the gal was running behind on getting it done. The usual, you know? Life always gets in the way of deadlines. Plus she had tried to quilt it on her DSM and didn't like what was going on with it and had to unstitch what she did and add more to her backing to accommodate the longarm. Things had been slow for me and there was nothing on the frame, so she got it back the next day and was so grateful I could help her out that she gave me a $20 tip.


I love the colors. The pop of the yellow is fun and refreshing. I should call and see how her GD liked her quilt. She was going to away to college and it's always nice to have something special to take with you! The panto was simple and fast, One Cloudy Day.


Claire, the colors are grey, black and yellow, no blue but maybe the camera makes the grey look a little blue?

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