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Here it is, my first pattern I designed.  I didn't know designing and writing a pattern was so hard.  But this is the final.  It's done and in our local quilt store.  Gotta get it in the other quilt stores around Hawaii, and maybe mainland.... It's the Hawaiian Sunbonnet Sue, I call it Aloha Sue & Aloha Sam.  It's very easy to put together, if anyone one wants to order a pattern, email me :)


I'm so proud of it, LOL!



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Janette, I didn't use a program.  I wrote it out myself on my computer and printed it myself. I have a MAC and used my word prosessing program.  I had seen enough patterns to know how people format it.  I had the cutting written down as I cut out the quilt top.  Wrote notes as I sewed it together, then just wrote it up.  I had a friend's daughter draw up my diagram laying out how you put together the quit.  She used a Window's program.  I drew the sunbonnet and copied it on my computer.  Made pattern pieces.  I know there are computer software to make up quilt tops, but I did mine old school way, LOL!

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Hitome, this is really sweet!  Congrats!


Janette, what kind of designing are you doing?  I use Adobe Illustrator for drafting patterns, and find I have much more flexibility for sizes of blocks (EQ7 only goes up to a 47" block and I needed 57!), although for color fills and whatnot, I also use Photoshop. In addition, if you do decide to submit to a magazine or other publication, the formats in illustrator and PS offer many options.  I write using Google docs.  Feel free to pm me if you have any other questions. 

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