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New thread shelves

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Just wanted to show everyone my new thread shelves. They were very inexpensive, $5.49 per shelf plus about 50 cents for the dowels to hold the bobbins. Each shelf holds 16 cones across, two deep. I added tiny dowels in front of each cone to hold the extra bobbins. I could, and may, put the shelves a little closer together and add a 6th shelf. I painted them red to match my new painted stairs. So far I love them.. I had the cone storage racks but always had to be very careful taking the cones off so I wouldn't knock off other cones.

These are the before and after photos



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Bonnie, the shelves are level. The thread is just sitting on a flat shelf, not tilted or anything. The dowels are 2 1/2 in long, 1/2 on hammered in to the side of the shef and 2" sticking out to slide the bobbin on to. My DH set everything up in his shop to make sure the holes were perfectly straight so every dowel would be perfect.

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I think that's a great idea. I have the cone holders and its a pain on occasion to pull off a specific cone and not end up with eight others! Great idea...and the pic even works if you click on save. I added it to my Studio Ideas file!  Thanks for sharing.


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To Ride or Not to Ride...what a stupid question!!

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