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I had the Bluster board on pending, and the lady decided she wanted a

different board.  Someone else also asked for it and Of course I don't remember

who that was..


If the lady who requested, maybe  Kristina or ???


Please PM  me if you still want it.

Others can request and be in line.


I'm feeling much better in the thinking line now and

can keep things straight.






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Kristina, the price is $38.00 but again since the PO considers

it an over large package, because of the length,

it will be  more than the square boards. 


What I do is package the board, ship it out and tell you

how much it is, plus the price of the board, of course,

via Pay Pal.


Personal payments will not be shipped until the checks

are cashed, roughly weeks.



Thanks for asking,




Oh, I won't accept Western Union,  money orders,

and the other two that have so many copies stolen

and every one goes bust.


Have to go out for a couple hours..



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