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I just decide on a pleasing spacing...something like 1/4 inch between the first and 2nd lines, then 3/4 inch space, and start over with the double lines.  That gives 1 inch segments.  I start from the corner and work toward the middle.  When I get about 8 inches from the center, I start at the other corner and work toward the middle, stopping about 8 inches from the center.  I then measure the unquilted distance, and see how much I have to fudge...either expanding or contracting the spacing just a hair on each section.  It isn't noticeable that the center segments are slightly different.  No math and no pre-marking.  Easy.

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Another way to get even spacing without measuring is to cut a length of adding machine tape the length of your border.  then begin folding it in half, over and over, until you get to the width you want.  Then unfold it, and mark where each fold is.  I haven't done beadboard using this measuring technique, but I have used it for a quick way to mark spacing for repetitive freehand border designs.

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