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im such a proud mama...

my dd was married last friday in the bahamas.

it was a drag to get there. but what a gorgeous setting.

my sisters and brother made the trip...so did lots of her friends.

everyone had a great time.

she was the most beautiful bride i have ever seen.


the wedding party :)


Untitled by quiltymeg, on Flickr
Untitled by quiltymeg, on Flickr
my 3 babies...i can't believe how grown up they are. :wub:
Untitled by quiltymeg, on Flickr
mr and mrs gallo :D
Untitled by quiltymeg, on Flickr


thanks for looking & putting up with my bragging....

i will not bring it up again.

but i guarantee i'll be thinking about it for a long time...

at least until next memorial day when ds ties the knot!   ;)

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You can by all means  "bring it up again"!!!!Much more fun to read the good stuff rather than the stuff that goes on & on~

Yes she is indeed a BEAUTIFUL bride!!  I personally will look forward to more pix~

I cant get the flicker pix here at work but will look at the others when I get home~

You have EVERY reason to be a proud mother!!!!

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Wow Meg, your daughter is stunning!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with us all here. Looks like it was the perfect day in the perfect location. And if you want to bring it up again, that's fine with all of us here. We love being part of it too, even if its only having the privilege of seeing your gorgeous photos. :)

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Meg, you're right, she is beautiful................along with the rest of your family and the gorgeous scenery.  :)   I really like the beautiful flowers that the girls had in their bouquets too!  Brag all you want.  For all of us that have "been there, done that" we all understand.  ;)   Thanks for sharing so many beautiful pictures of a very happy bunch of beautiful people.

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