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The one I started with and actually used was Popcorn.  I have ordered a few this past weeks, since so many customers are asking for them.  I did get Oma's garden which is too wide for my machine. If you have a Freedom or Millie I will sell it to you for $8.00, if you want it. It's gorgeous. I wish it would fit on my machine.

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My #1 panto over the years has been Chantilly Lace, works well when nothing else will on baby to old lady quilts.

These are the ones I've used over and over again.

Tickle by Beany girl

Tickle Too

One Cloudy Day by Timeless Quilting

Square Spiral by Golden Threads

Recent most requested are:

Amaze Me by urban elements, looks great on batik quilts

Bauhaus by urban elements, this one is super easy and way faster than it looks and the modern quilters love it.


Happy Quilting


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It's interesting to see what others' favorites are. 


My customers like:

Deb's Swirls

Happy Times <--EASY

Bumpity (for kids quilts) <--EASY

Sprung (for kids quilts) <--EASY


One Cloudy Day (personally I don't like this one)

Frisky Feathers

Come Dance With Me

Pretty Paisley <--- okay so I haven't had one customer choose this one but it I like on paper!!!

Bountiful Feathers (a little dense)

Angel Wings <--EASY

Simple Loops & Stars

Bloomin Stars

Hearts in Bloom

Holly Berries (really popular for Christmas) 

Holly Ribbon (another good Christmas choice) <--EASY

Meandering Pumpkin Patch (nice for fall)

Hearts n Roses


Dainty <--EASY -- this one gets chosen a lot

Frisky Feathers



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One thing I learned as a newbie - make sure the scale of the panto is big enough.  Some look great on paper but when you get it the patten is smaller than you thought and too intense - which means it takes much longer to quilt, uses up more thread and should cost a lot more to do too.


I've stitched out a lot of my pantos so customers can see what they look like on fabric.  I've just used plain muslin but it helps a lot.


Anne Harmon 802 876 7535 Harmony Quilts & Designs 2005 APQS Millennium Authorized APQS Dealer

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As a newbie may I ask how you price doing a panto for someone?  The local quilt shop charges .01 for most of theirs.  Is that enough for somebody trying to do this as a busness?  Aparently I must sew to slow cuz when I timed it and figured it out I wasn't making much.  Just wondering.  Peg

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