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Okay, I don't usually brag, it's rude; but I think this is going to be freakin' awesome looking when it's done. The texture that is being created by the quilting is unbelievable.


TGIF- thank God it's finished


38 1/2 hours of quilting over 5 days- 34 bobbins wound with MaxiLock light yellow.  1/3-1/2 cone of MaxiLock variegated on top.  PolyFil high loft batting. Cotton fabrics top and bottom.  Not so straight piecing and a yellow border that I swear was reaching up a grabbing me a few times.  Lots of steam, lots of pins, lots of frogging.  Here are a few pictures. The back is really cool.  The only thing I really don't like is the border treatments.. I think it needed something more structured, but it's not my quilt.


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Grannylil, the piecing is not quie exact so some of my lines are off.  I was mostly just posting a picture to show how the quilting is creating so much texture.


i just wish I could have figured out a way to keep from backtracking so much.  The back really shows where I've gotten off my previous line.


Rita, to answer your question- It is definitely tedious. I have worked on it for the better part of 4 days and just over half done.  The diamonds measure 5 inches from point to point.  The lines are about 1/2 inch apart.  The blue border is getting a tiny meander. The yellow (waving) border is getting loops and stars.    I had hoped to have it done in 10 hours or so, but so far I'm almost 30 hours.  I'm not going to make any money on this one (didn't charge her nearly enough), but I will post it on my website and blog and hopefully draw some more customers with it.

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