We are all so fortunate to have Dawn Cavanaugh, Happy Birthday my friend!

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Wow, thanks to all of you for the warm birthday wishes! What a surprise to open up the Forum this morning (it is VERY early and I am sitting in the Edmonton airport after a fabulous week with Matt and Bradie Sparrow and their family) and hear from you all.

Colette, I WILL be in Vermont this week after stopping at home long enough to wash my underwear;)...and Melissa, I can hear you singing all the way in Alberta and it was lovely!

Have a wonderful Sunday, all of you, and happy, happy quilting!!!

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I am a new Millie owner and new to LAing and I bought APQS because of the great machine quality, wonderful stitch resuls and the outstanding support! Dawn, I'm learning so much from your videos and posts, you rock! Happy Birthday! Hope to meet you soon, maybe you'll be at VQF this week?

Yes Collette,  Dawn is leading the team staffing the APQS booth at the Vermont Quilt Festival this week.  We are also fortunate enough to have another wonderful APQS name, DeLoa Jones, teaching the longarm classes.  There may still be a few spaces in one or two of her classes for anyone interested.


See you there!

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