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A miracle has occurred.

I finished.

And it's still June.

Will wonders never cease.

Is yours done, yet?

Kristina is my only blog follower and she has also has a BQ top in queue.

She challenged me to finish by the end of June.

And I did!

Full disclosure..

I loaded this on the frame and used it to calm me when I started freakin out about the wedding.

I just quilted stress free designs that I enjoy.

I freaked a lot in the weeks just before we left.

It saved me from many a hangover, cause it was quilting or mojitos!

I made a mistake, putting curly swirls in one blue where straight lines were to go, but I ain't ripping.

In my world, done is better than perfect.


image by quiltymeg, on Flickr

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I really like this! What is the name of the pattern.

A challenge during wedding planning . . . .I do admire that!

Great job.

Joanne Flamand

Artistic Quilt Design

Hi Joanne,

It's called BQ, I think that's short for big quilt.

It's made by maple island quilts.

It goes together so fast and easy, too.

I recently found out that the sister of the designer is a friend of minefrom my volunteering at hospice.

I've actually quilted her pattern tests for her, although I didn't know it at the time.

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you did good meg!

mine is yet to be quilted. I found the backing fabric though. I suppose I have a few days left to quilt mine. we are going to the big town of winnemucca though for all not sure I can get it done. I will try to load mine and see what happens.

btw...I loved the wedding pictures! I love reading your blog.

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Great quilt, Meg!  Glad to hear that your quilting helped calm your nerves through the whole wedding commotion!  Just another justification for this wonderful investment, right?!  ;)


Have you tried attaching your binding while your quilt is still loaded on your Freedom?  Maybe you would be able to get them finished if you only have the hand work left to do when you unload your quilts.............ask me how I know.........  :rolleyes:

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