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My Freedom is having a little issue with her stitches.  I can't quite figure it out.  I've got the tension set, and it looks really good, but then all of a sudden I'll get a couple of loopy loose stitches on the top.  Sometimes it happens after a few inches of stitches, and then maybe it won't happen for 20 or 30 inches.  Sometimes it's just 1 or 2 little loops that will probably even out once the quilt is off the frame and relaxes.  Sometimes, though, it's 2 or 3 loose ones that are too loose to leave in.  It's frustrating, because aside from this happening sporadically, the tension is really nice.  I've tried changing thread, changing bobbins, re-threading.  I checked for burrs, and my check spring is fine.I haven't tried stuffing some batting in the thread path - would that help? Where would I stuff it?(no smart answers)  I don't even know if the problem comes from the top thread or the bobbin thread.  I hope somebody can help me. 


Lori Davis

Empty Nest LAQ

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Have someone watch the thread between the cone and the tension and see if it spools off evenly.  It may be  catching on the cone or you could be adding twist to it by the way it is going through the 3 hole guide.  Either could cause an inconsistent tension.  A small piece of batting in the thread guide right above the cone will put a slight amount of drag on the thread so it feeds evenly through the tension assembly. 


Good Luck and let us know when you figure it out.



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if you use a thread sock, check and see if the thread is catching on it, when it spools off the cone.


use silicone on the thread, that's Sewers Aid.


Sewers aid on the little wad of batting in the guide just above the thread will help, also a tiny silicone on

your finger then slid onto the guides all the way, and on the needle, help a lot, too, even thought it looks as

you describe, and seemingly doesn't have any bearing on it.


Hope you find an easy and quick fix.

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