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I have just finished my first quilt using a Baptist fan pattern. I googled, I drew, I had a half circle template so I used that But I would get 1/2 way around the semi circle and I'd have to adjust the template. So my question is..do I need to use something different? The customer LOVES it and I think I have enough confidence to give them another try. So what do the rest of you use?




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Your border is very pretty, but it isn't a Baptist fan. With BF's, the arcs are all pointing in the same direction. In other words, all the arcs point "UP" (or out toward the edge)and are not perpendicular to each other. So, you would start at the same edge of the border every time. You would need a progression of sizes of circles in order to execute Baptist fans, starting with the smallest, then going up a half inch or so in size with each arc. To do the border treatment you chose, which is very pretty and a bit more contemporary, all you need is a curved crescent ruler. I use DeLoa Jones's rulers for this, and they work well since the arc increments are marked on the ruler. You just position the etched line over your already sewn stitching line and the lines are all perfectly evenly spaced. There is a tutorial on MQResource about how to do this. I think they call it Donna's border. If you need instructions, PM me and I will send along a simplified version.

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I have a tutorial on my blog on how to do this border, I call it Curved Echo border.  Here is a link to the post http://tamarackshack.blogspot.ca/2012/01/curved-echo-border-tutorial.html

Donna on MQR did a tutorial too and we both give credit to the designer Raylene Smith for this great design.  I also use Deloa's Boomerang ruler to make this border. The size just depends on the size of curves your making.


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