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On all APQS machines (not just George) the bobbin will rattle more when:


1. the hook assembly's getting dry

2. the amount of thread on the bobbin is getting low

3. the bobbin backlash spring is getting worn (it lets the bobbin slop around a bit inside the case.) To tell if the brake spring is still doing a good job, put a bobbin into the case and then hold the case in the palm of your hand with the bobbin facing up. Tap on the bobbin itself. It should bounce down slightly into the bobbin case and then bounce back up again, slightly above the top edge of the bobbin case. If it doesn't, remove the brake spring and bend up the two little prongs a bit more so that they put more pressure on the bobbin case.

4. you're using a thread that's heavier on top

5. when you make lots of direction changes with your quilting (the bobbin basket itself bumps into a part called the "hook retaining finger". The finger keeps the bobbin basket from spinning around. But the finger cannot be shoved all the way into the bobbin basket's finger notch because your top thread must pass between the two pieces with every stitch. When you change directions, or thicker thread passes through the opening, it will make the bobbin basket rock back and forth. This is normal.


Don't worry too much about a little rattle. If you keep the hook assembly clean and well oiled, then you're doing everything right. :)

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