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Gammill Vision 18-8 with Home Pro 12' Table - loaded with upgrades:

Under the Quilt Camera System

Swivel Casters

High Density Table Top

Home Pro Work Station- 2 templates

Batting Bar

Overhead Light Bar

Machine Features:

12’ Home Pro Steel Stand

Stitch-Regulated & Manual Modes

Color Touch Screen

Diagnostic System

FM Tuner

Electronic Needle Positioner & Single Stitch

Horizontal & Vertical Channel Locks

Double Capacity Bobbin

On-Board Bobbin Winder

Adjustable Laser Light

LED Light Fixture (with Black Light).


M Style Bobbins

Screw Driver Set

Hex Key Set

1 - 3/32 Hex Wrench

4 - Linda Taylor Roll Patterns

The machine is in excellent condition and has been used to quilt as a hobby, check-up and serviced prior to listing for sale. Purchased new from Gammill June 2010. Smoke Free and pet free environment.

Purchaser is responsible for pick-up, transportation and set-up cost.

Watch my YouTube Video here:


Price: $10,225.00

Contact: BobbieSue


Located in Northern Virginia

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My Gammill is still for sale.......................this is taking much longer than I had originally thought...........I really do not want another business venture as the one I currently own (teaching piano lessons to pay for my hobbies) takes more time so that I have less quilting time...........urrgggggg.

2 Longarms sitting in my studio is crimping my style and with DH on furlough I am fixing to teach him how to use it cuz I have 3 quilts waiting to be done for some military wives out of Ft. Levenworth KS that I do for FREE!!!



WE SOLD OUR HOUSE AND WE ARE MOVING!!!!! :o  :unsure:  :blink: I can not imagine moving 2 longarms and a Grand Piano :o 


SO, if you know of anyone looking for a gently used (3 years old) Gammill Vision 18/8, 12 ft table, please send them my way!!!!


I am looking forward to hearing from EVERYONE!!!!

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Not one thing..............here is what happened.......went to the quilt show, while I was shopping around I got bit by an 'M-bug'...I did not know that there were 'M-bugs' lurking around-saw the booth, took a test drive and that 'M-bug' kept bitting me and I heard it whispering 'I'm yours...take me home and someone will adopt BobbieSue and it will just be me and you, I will share a room with her until you do'........Now, you might think this is just a story-but it is truely what happened :P

After all, I already had a longarm......right :lol:

Due to an 'attachment' disorder, I have had to work through letting the Gammill go and trust me it is hard........however, now the thought of relocating with 2 longarms and a grand piano has become overwhelming to say the least.  She has been up for sale since May and I have just sat back and waited...........well now I am hanging a for sale sign around her neck and I have come a long way with 'detaching' when I found out we are moving and I would say that I am healed from that 'attachment' disorder. :rolleyes:    Funny thing about all of this is that DH has known all along that I was having trouble letting go!!! :huh:

I truly love them both, they do compliment each other.......I am using both and rotating quilts between them so they get equal billing and there is no sibling rivalry between them.


They are both good machines........


For right now, I am located 6 miles west of Dulles Airport (20105)


Height to the top of the light bar = less than 81 inches


My Gammill is loaded with options and the only thing left to add to her is a computer!  It is a really nice set-up.  She currently sits in my finished basement.


Thanks for your inquiry!! :D

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