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I just finished this quilt the other day - it's the first time I've actually tackled applique - and it turned out pretty good, if I don't say so myself.  It was beautifully pieced, so that helped so much!  Here's what I learned:


  • quilting around every one of those flowers/leaves takes a LONG time - and it's hard on the shoulders
  • I need a saddle stool
  • next time would use finer thread around the applique - maybe even invisible - but it turned out OK her as the background is pure white
  • tension issues just keep popping up when you don't need them
  • Matt Sparrow can walk you through a problem - again, without rolling his eyes at me (at least I couldn't see that over the phone) - thanks so much Matt.
  • Manuals are only a guide - the real truth comes from experienced users.
  • I undercharge

Anyway, here are some pics - I hope my customer is happy with it - it's not nearly as detailed as many of you do, but it's a start.







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That is wonderful! Your quilting is perfect for this one.


A way to "raise" your prices is to give them an estimate at intake, saying that you hope to be in the ballpark of "abc" cents per inch but know that applique quilts take extra care and you may need to charge by the hour. Custom quilting needs to be charged for. :)

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Thanks so much everyone for your kind comments - I haven't called the owner of the quilt to tell her it's ready for pick up - cause I really like it hanging on the wall - and I have one little area to finish up - you can see that dot (pin) on the pic where I missed a spot . . . thanks again!

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