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If all goes well this should be her as delivered to one of my garages:



And this would be the truest thing ever printed on any box (and the bow is a nice touch too!)




The hardest part is that I need to finish clearing her space and we have family coming to visit tomorrow and due to that I won't have a chance to start assembly until at least Monday....arrrgggghhh! At least I am off Monday and Tuesday!

How long did assembly take you folks?

Final comment...I expected the machine box to be the heaviest...but it was a lightweight compared to the 14' poles!

Kudos to the driver from ABF freight who helped me carry them down my reasonably long driveway and down a hill into the appropriate garage!

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Whoo hoo! It looks great in the garage and will look even better in its permanent home. :)


It shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to assemble the machine. Save the rest of Monday and Tuesday for "playing" with it! Be sure to pop the computer CD that came with your assembly instructions into your computer so you can access the "complete" manual. (Don't be fooled when you first open up the document, since the first 80 pages or so are still the assembly instructions. You'll find a wealth of info about how to load your first quilt, cleaning, oiling and practice exercises to get you started.)


And no, the fact that I mentioned the assembly section is 80 pages should not throw you a curve...I put TONS of pictures in there to help make everything really clear and simple. Just let me know if you run into any trouble...that's what our Customer Service team is here for!


Soon you'll be fist-pumping again as you take your first stitches with Millie...and we'd love to see a photo or video of that, too---we so love happy dances!

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I really am soooo excited to get going!

Thanks Dawn...I will get the disc out and do some serious reading before delving in too far (I prefer a good read through before attempting assembly of things!)

I do hope to get a chance to meet some of you at MQX. My wife will probably not make it as she has several Art shows she is readying herself for now and Gallery work will have to be caught up too...but if time allows she will be there!

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