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I made it into Houston!!!!!!!!

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I am so excited!!!! The riding jacket I made for my daughter, Danielle, got juried into Houston!! It has done well at the other national shows taking 1st place in 5 out of 6 shows (it took a 2nd place in the 6th show).  It also took Best of Show garment at Machine Quilters Exposition West last fall and has won $1,850 ( but it did cost $800 in crystals and leather  to make!)  It has won back its making cost!  I am over the moon just getting juried into Houston.  I have never been to that show.  I told my husband if I got notified that I was a winner we WERE going to go to the awards show no matter what!  They inform you if you win something in September and the show is not until November.  What a happy day!!post-6134-0-51844200-1373986093_thumb.jpg


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So excited for you!!! Better be quick with making the arrangements--or you might look into any bus tours--that is what I did when I went to Paducah this spring. For some reason I think there might be someone in your area of Iowa that does quilting bus tours--maybe Johnston?? I will do some more checking for you.

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