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My first two quilts done with pantographs

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I've quilted two tops already on the rental Gammill Vision machine. The first one was a very large abstract geometric pantograph by Linda's Electric Quilters (on the blue jelly roll quilt) and the second one I got a bit more adventurous and used Deb Geissler's Chestnut Swirls pantograph. Both took five passes to complete but the second one took twice as long, both floated, both hand guided, first on a 22" machine and then the second on a 26" machine. I need to complete a third quilt top before going back for more practice. (My points aren't that great and my lines are wobbly at times.)







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That's great! I hope you're proud of your effort!


Remember that pantos are the greatest learning tool when you start out and are interested in doing freehand. They teach pacing, how to follow a line, and how to get smooth curves. Plus they give great results very quickly. Believe me, when you can follow a line with a laser, you can stitch a marked stencil from the front with great ease!

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Thank you everyone for all of your kind words of encouragement! I'm so looking forward to my next quilt. I'm interested in the computerized systems but felt that I should really give hand-guided time first. After a few more pantographs I'll try my hand at freehand. It's all so very exciting ... I'm lucky that there's a local place where I can rent time on the machine before buying. Each time I learn something new.

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