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Moxies at Seaside, Oregon--new patterns by Lynda Newell

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Heidi  just told me she will be planning to room with me for MQX, so you don't need to pass on the message about the room.


I was just talking to Lydia (Johnnie's fiance) and she said somebody will drive me down to Olympia Wednesday morning.  Just let me know what time y'all plan to leave.

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The meeting was great, as usual. It's like a family reunion where you get to pick who'll be in your family! And we're always looking for new family members!


OK Lynda--enough is enough! Post some pictures of your new patterns. :P

(Lynda builds beautiful quilts of her own design. We have badgered---er---coaxed her for several years to draft some of them to sell, and she has done it!!)

One is called "Radiance" and has paper-pieced diamond Log Cabins that shape into a gorgeous star.

The other is "Venus Fly Trap" and I'll try to find a pic from an earlier Moxie meeting where she shared it so you can see how gorgeous it is. Unless she posts some photos first--please please?

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