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Needle up/Needle down

Mary Kay

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When I turn on the Millie the only thing that comes on is it led lights.  There is no humming sound and the needle does not go up and down.  When I press the command button on the right handle and then the yellow button for needle up and down nothing happens.   Could this be a fuse.

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Hi Mary Kay,


Your fuse is OK if you're getting the lights. Actually, you shouldn't really hear any "humming" when you first power up the machine. That can happen if the needle doesn't happen to be all the way up when you first turn on the machine. For example, if you turn the fly wheel a bit until the needle is not quite up OR down, and then turn off power to the machine, the machine will hum when you flip the switch back on and the machine will try to position the needle.


I posted another comment in the other thread you started. Check there for some additional troubleshooting hints tonight.


Have you tried the machine in manual sewing mode yet? Increase the "stitches per inch" meter by holding in the command button on the right handle and then pressing the green button. Stop somewhere around "10". Now try activating the sewing motor by pressing the black command button on the right handle again, and then tapping the blue one. The sewing motor should take right off and the machine should sew at a constant speed. (You might want to take the thread out of the needle and bobbin as you try this so you won't get a tangled mess.)


Knowing if the machine will stitch in manual mode can help us troubleshoot further.


Actually, we might need to try and adjust your "needle up and down" button. It's possible that the previous owner adjusted the needle positioner until it won't move (especially if they didn't quite understand how the quilt glide works...the quilt glide can make it look like the needle won't stop when you stop moving the machine with the regulator turned on).


I've attached a document that shows you how to adjust the positioner. Most of the time a person would adjust it to slow the needle down, but in this case we'd do it to try and speed the needle up! You'll also find a video that shows you how to do this on our "Product Care" tab on the web site:


Needle Up/Down Adjustment--LED light machines

Mill NP instructions - 08.pdf

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