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Okay, I have a couple of questions.  First of all, we're leaving next week for a 10 day holiday in Annaheim, California.  I've googled quilt shops out there, but I'd like to hear from other quilters.  Which shops should I make sure I visit?


Next question:  Is anyone out there selling their pantographs?  



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Search for M&L Fabric on Ball in Anaheim. About 5 miles from Disneyland and a huge store with massive discounts on fabric. They have lines like Stonehenge for close to retail prices, but also last years fabrics around $8 a yard. They have lots of apparel fabric and a section of flat folds that looks like a factory. Stick with the lines you're familiar with though, and you'll be a happy quilter.

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Jenny's Discount Fabrics on Magnolia off Warner and the 405.  Owned by the same people as M&L.  I always start here as it's smaller and a lot less overwhelming.  Same stuff, just easier to get through the store.  Then it's off to M&L if I don't find everything I want at Jenny's.  I usually find everything and don't have to trek to M&L.  The flat folds can be intimidating, but pick through the icky stuff and you'll find a lot of gems.

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