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Hi guys...I'm going to be going through my studio and selling off all the stuff I don't use--well, that's the plan, anyway!!


I will have a lot of pantos. Does anyone still use pantos or does everyone but me have a computer now??


Just checking for interest out there....

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Thanks, everyone. I will make a list of the pantos and you all can pick and choose. They will be cheap!


Kristina, Its been crazy up here in the Pacific North Wet!!  Although, surprisingly, not wet--its been warm and beautiful and yesterday we actually watered our yard!! Been spending time starting Emma, working on the Aiming for Accuracy Quilt along, pretending to garden and making trips to Quincy to get the property sold. A bit crazy. However, life is slowing down and I'm going to take advantage by doing a little studio reorganization. Most important part is replacing the floor!!


What's new in NV other than the heat? How are all the kiddos????

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I have been looking for pantos.  All I have so far are the two free ones I got with my machine (I'm a newbie).  I'd like to start building a collection.  I'm in Canada, though, and I don't know how well the shipping would work out.



Empty Nest LAQ

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the kids are good. we have been working on our house and property. not much free time here. taylor has been running and biking to prepare for soccer. she is taking classes too to catch up/get ahead in school. a full load of classes is more than she can handle during the regular year. she is now a junior in high school. has had headaches lately, but recovers quickly. no other symptoms.

other than that...hating the heat we have gotten. ready for fall already. have done very little sewing. miss quilting terribly!

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