2009 Lenni with IQ for sale - Wisconsin

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One of our local quilt shop, YardWork is selling their Lenni with IQ on it. 


It’s a 2009 APQS  Lenni, 20” throat on that machine with a 10 foot table, can go out to 108” on the shortest side of the quilt without the computer on it & appx 98” on the shortest side with the IQ on it.  They've only had it about a year and have decided to go in a different direction.  Before that it was my machine and not one that I used very often, so I would estimate that I put about 200 hours or less on it and the quilt shop probably hasn't put very many hours on it either, but you can ask Mary at YardWork about that. 

This machine has a custom lightbar on it that allows it to be placed anywhere and have good lighting, at least a $750 value.


The IQ is a ClassiQ IQ which means it has all the bells and whistles.  In addition to the patterns that come preloaded on it this IQ has appx $7500 worth of patterns that I designed on it. approximately 600 motif/block patterns & appx 240 pantograph (allover, edge to edge, & borders) patterns. 


I'm just listing it to help the gals at the quilt shop out, so they should be contacted directly for more information. This is a machine that I'd actually buy back if I had room and I'm willing to answer questions on getting started with IQ for the new owner as I'm both an APQS & IQ dealer. 

Here's the contact information: 

Yard Work Quilt Shop  - Mary Pomerening

phone: 715-877-3885

Located in Fall Creek, WI  (less than 10 miles east of Eau Claire)

Email: yardworkfabrics@gmail.compost-122-0-69002800-1374607559_thumb.jpgpost-122-0-15768700-1374607582_thumb.jpg

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Hi Judith,

You'll need to call the quilt shop (phone number in original post) to get the asking price & see if it's still available. The quilt shop purchased it from me. I'm the original owner and barely used it, since it was more of a floor model then a machine that I used regularly for testing patterns and I don't think that the quilt shop used it that much. I just told the shop owner that I'd post that it was for sale, leaving the other details up to Mary to discuss with any interested parties.


Thank you,

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I design patterns and sell them on my website, www.digitechpatterns.com , link is in the signature. My company also represents over 65 quilt pattern designers, which can also be found there among the 8000 patterns that we currently carry.  I believe that you've ordered from us in the past.  If you go to the website you can do a search under "Patterns by Theme" then go to "Transportation",  to find a truck/car panto, or you can do a search for the terms, truck, car, etc in the search window & then even narrow it down by panto, block, designer, price, or a number of other ways in the "sort" features or add to your search to narrow down the search using the "search within" window that is right above where pictures of patterns start once you've started an initial search.  I know that we have a number of car &/or truck pantographs. I believe that Dave Hudson, Aimee Mahan, Patricia Ritter, and possible more designers have a pattern on our site that would be something that you might be interested in. 


Just let me know if you need additional assistance. 

Our phone support hours are M-Th 10am-5pm Central Time Zone, and someone is usually available for email support from 8am-8pm everyday except Sundays & Holidays, or if we're out on an installation. 


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Are you looking for assistance from me or information on on the Lenni at the quilt shop. If me, please go ahead & email me directly. I don't have any further information on the Lenni. You'd have to try the quilt shop again for information on that item.  I just told them that I would post their contact information here for them. 

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Yes, you can add an IQ to a Lenni.  You will need the normal IQ setup of your choice, plus you will also need to purchase an IQ carriage for the Lenni if your Lenni has vertical wheels on the carriage. I believe that Patty Butcher, Patty@Katydids.net,  would probably be your closest dealer for an IQ purchase given your location. She is also an APQS dealer so that would be a very good fit for you as a dealer for an IQ. 



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It doesn't really cut the quilting space much. About 6" on the right hand end of the frame in the case of the Lenni because one of the motors is mounted near the right front axel and it sticks out about 5-6". However, that doesn't really cut the quilting width because the space that it takes up is passed where the canvases stop anyway. This is the case for many APQS machines with IQ on them. However, for some models one of the motors might be to the left and near the back or front axle. If forward enough they don't limit the width at all, even passed where the canvases stop if needed because it will go between the front and back of the table leg instead of right where the leg is on the Lenni.  It doesn't limit anything in the throat space.  The Intelliquilter computer itself is all at the top/front of the head of all machine. 


The IQ tablet can doesn't have to be removed for freehand, but it can be if you like. It's very versatile. 

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