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Catherine P.

Backing too small!

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First let me say that?s it partly my fault. She?s a regular customer and her backs have always been plenty large. (the one I just finished for her has almost 8 inches on each side!) But when I went to load the machine last night the back was the SAME SIZE AS THE TOP! After sitting there and stewing for a few minutes, I decided that since I was negligent and hadn?t measured the back when she brought yhr quilt, I would try to do something about it. Fortunately, it?s a baby quilt so it?s easy to handle. I sewed 4inch strips of muslin on each side and used those to pin the quilt to the machine.

So the lesson here is: Don?t get lazy and assume your customer brought you the correct size backing! Always, Always, measure everything!

Live and Learn!


Catherine P.


Nevada, IA

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Nice save. I will put this in my tips folder. It's always good to hear different solutions to problems. We have all had those quilts that somehow are just not right.:)

Thanks for sharing.

Linda Card

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Here's another solution Catherine. Go to the topic that I just posted - Avoid Hitting Clamps. You can make extenders to use over and over. I encased a thick heavy yardstick into the fabric.


Vicki Bohnhoff

Dancing Stitcher, Anthem, AZ


Millennium w/10\' table, Viking Designer SE

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